Gynaecology Oncologist

Medical Advisor
Dr Ai Ling Tan

Dr Tan is a specialist gynaecology oncologist and the longest-serving member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, having joined the Board in 2007.

Dr Tan works at Auckland City Hospital and Ascot Central Women’s Clinic where her practice includes pre-malignant & malignant gynaecology cancers, pre-cancerous disease of the lower genital tract, colposcopy, and vulva disease. After graduating from the University of Adelaide, Dr Tan worked as a postgraduate at both National Women’s and Greenlane Hospitals before specialising in gynaecological oncology in Sydney and Melbourne. Dr Tan also has significant clinical and research experience, is a regular speaker at conferences and events, and travels to Fiji on a regular basis as part of a medical team helping to reduce the incidence and impact of gynaecological cancers within Fiji.