Support Network

We are passionate about offering a personal, caring and professional support and advocacy service for patients, their families and friends affected by any of the five gynaecological cancers.

Evidence has shown that people who join a support group suffer less anxiety, feel less isolated and are better able to cope with cancer and its side effects. They can help women realise their responses are "normal" and provide strategies for dealing with the challenging times, in turn increasing feelings of control. Many are surprised by how much strength they gain from being part of a support group.

Commencing with an online network utilising Facebook, this online network is open to women at any stage of their gynae cancer journey to receive support, advice, advocacy, information, referrals and friendship. As we grow, we will build specific support groups for women dealing with different types of gynaecological cancer. Online support can be particularly helpful if women resides in a rural or remote area, or would find it difficult to travel to a group.

Later in 2016 we will also be facilitating in-person support groups, our intention is that support groups will come in different forms such as in-person meetings, phone meetings and internet forums/chat rooms. It is important that women are part of a support group that they feel comfortable attending and that is most appropriate to their needs. A support group facilitator will coordinate and oversee each group.

If you have been affected by a gynaecological cancer and would like to be part of our support network please take a moment to fill in our registration form so we can learn a little about yourself and so we can respect the privacy of the women who belong already. Alternatively please contact the NZGCF Health Promotions Educator team on 09 869 2051 or email