Silk & Steel

Silk&Steel has an undeniable aura of cool. With an unconventional approach to design, Sarah Cotterall is creating luxury fashion statements worthy of runways, celebrities, and women all across the country.

The Silk&Steel collection is based on juxtaposition. True beauty can come from the pairing of opposites. Using the unlikely pairings of unique textiles and gems with hand-sewn detailing and collectable vintage she crafts dramatic statement pieces. This unique approach is also used designing her main diffusion line of high-casual, boho-chic pieces. This line is now available in boutiques across New Zealand and soon to be launched in Australia.

Sarah has been an ongoing supporter of the Foundation and supports events year year with September 2016 being no exception. September is International Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month and fittingly see’s the launch of the Silk&Steel collaboration. Our official symbol is the teal ribbon and Sarah has designed a set of four bespoke teal bracelets available with both silver and gold detailing and are designed to be worn individually as a show of support and solidarity or stacked together to create even more of a statement. The bracelets retail for $29.95 each and $20 from each item sold will be donated to support the work of the NZGCF.