Off & On Group

Nicky Shore and her fabulous teams around Auckland love what we do at NZGCF and together are working together to celebrate and look after the Lady Gardens of NZ.

Off Wax & Laser
We are the largest provider of waxing services in the country, even trademarking our famous Brozilian™ wax. We are proud as punch of our customised OFF waxing method.
Our dedicated in house training and development manager is a waxing god. She is the bomb when it comes to waxing and a bit of a control freak too. All our waxologists are recruited, trained and developed through her bootcamp to ensure our unique OFF wax way is adopted, loved and maintained.

On Brow House
At ON we see every brow and your needs differently. There is no cookie cutter approach to how we create your best brow. That is why we have explored and mastered a raft of techniques to address your brow frustrations, your level of commitment and the best way to give you your best brow. We like to explore, understand and plan the right brow solution for you. We work with your natural brow to find the best shape for you now, and in the future.
The aim is to achieve your most beautiful, believable brow.