Alison Carline - 2016 NZGCF Award Recipient

Alison Carline - 2016 NZGCF Award Recipient

Alison registered as a RN in 1981, completed Midwifery in 1983.  Came to NZ as a Midwife for a years working holiday in 1986.  Alison started work in a Gynae Clinic in 2003 as a RN and became a Clinical Nurse Specialist in 2010.

Alison was unable to join us at Getting Glam for Gynae 2016 Charity Fundraiser:- below is her acceptance speech.

Kia Ora from Northland.

Firstly I would like to thank Dr Ai Ling Tan for nominating me for this award.  I must apologise for not being able to attend tonight. In accepting it, I would like to acknowledge the others in our team, clinicians, booking clerks and nurses that work extremely hard, enabling women to attend appointments in Whangarei and Auckland. Working alongside these women, helping then to navigate the complex raft of tests, investigations and appointments is challenging but also rewarding.On a more serious note, as you already know the cancer statistics for Northlanders are horrible, particularly for Maori women.  We see Gynae cancers diagnosed too late with subsequent poor results. Raising the profile of Gynae cancers is important.  They are still very much a 'silent' cancer because women are too shy and embarrassed to seek help early.  I was pleased to see that Erica and the NZ Gynaecological Cancer Foundation came to Whangarei this month, spreading the word about what signs and symptoms women need to look out for. 

Finally, I hope you have a memorable and glamorous gala evening.


Thank you, Alison Carlin

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