Gynaecological Cancer Awareness... 

Every year, over 1,000 women in New Zealand are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer.

Over 475 women in New Zealand will die from a gynaecological cancer every year.

This is on the increase!

Somewhere in New Zealand today, someone will die from a gynaecological cancer.  Yet for generations of New Zealand women, and their partners, being aware of cancers that may be forming "down there" is difficult, confronting and too often ignored.

Gynaecological cancers are this country's silent killers.  We seldom talk about them.

There's still a certain degree of embarrassment associated with discussing our nether regions.  When was the last time you had an open and frank conversation with your friends about it?  In fact when was the last time you spoke about it full stop?

It is NZGCF's mission to empower women to be able to openly talk about their gynaecological health without suffering the kind of embarrassment we're all used to and to simultaneously raise awareness for all gynaecological cancers.

Despite these alarming statistics, gynaecological cancer remains a taboo subject among the public.  We know the stigma, embarrassment and a lack of knowledge about the disease, are key barriers for women to talk openly about gynaecological cancer and seek medical help.  

Let's get talking girls!

It is a shocking fact that women know little about their own anatomy; many unable to identify the vagina on an anatomical diagram, many could not identify the cervix.

Awareness of all 5 gynaecological cancers is low, some woman cannot even name a single women's gynaecological cancer.  This highlights the need for better education and awareness in our communities.  Women need to be better informed about what is normal when it comes to their gynaecological health.   

If women recognise symptoms that are not normal for them there is a higher chance they will seek help.  This knowledge will equip young women for the future, and work to remove the stigma associated with gynaecological cancer.

Knowledge is power - Know your body, know the signs!

Gynaecological cancers are most treatable when it is found early.  It is the Foundation's mission to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of the 5 main gynaecological cancers as early detection can save lives.

The 5 main gynaecological cancers are:


Endometrial (sometimes referred to as Uterine)








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