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Event Fundraising - we need you!

There's no better feeling than raising money for a great cause, particularly one that may have personal resonance or meaning for you.  Many of us will know someone who has had a Gynaecological Cancer.  

Orgainsing a fundraiser can help make a difference... All of us would like to raise awareness of the 5 Gynaecological Cancers and help save the lives of New Zealand women.

Fundraise for New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation, whether it's a bake sale, a girl's night at your place, a running event, hosting a dinner party at home, ladies luncheon or high tea in honour of a family member, friend or work colleague, we'd love to support you.  

Your fundraising activity means a lot to us and we've partnered with online platforms where you can easily setup your fundraising page, share it with your family, friends and work colleagues and start collecting donations right away. 

Click on the links below to set up your fundraising page.

Givealittle or Everyday Hero 

Some ideas:-

Art Exhibition

Ask your artist friends, photographers to donate some of their wonderful work, approach local artist's and photographers.  Stage an exhibition, charge an entrance fee and sell these wonderful pieces of art.


Ask for food and drink donations, cook up a storm of delicious burgers and sell them to your family, friends and work colleagues.


Get your family, friends and work colleagues together for a Bingo night once a month.

Dog Walking

Offer to walk your neighbours dog for a fee, it'll not only get you outdoors and doing exercise but you'll be raising money for Charity!

Jean Work Day


Once a month have a Corporate Jean day at work collecting a few dollars from each colleague taking part.


Get your girlie dresses out and wear a different one every day for the month of October.  Borrow some of your girl friends dresses, ask for loan dresses from dress boutiques.  Explore and have fun with a new look each day.

Guess the number

Get a large jar of sweets on display, for a gold coin you can have a guess at how many are in the jar 


Shave the head, shave the beard!  


Get something donated and sell raffle tickets


Get sponsored to GIVE IT UP!


Get sponsored to be quiet for a day!  Can you do it.....?

TEAL Tuesday

Get sponsored to wear TEAL every Tuesday.  It doesn't have to be a big item.  You can try TEAL lipstick, TEAL nail polish, TEAL socks!  You can do this for the month of FEBRUARY for Ovarian Cancer Awareness or SEPTEMBER for Gynaecological Cancer Awareness.  


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