We hope you find these sites useful (if you have any other recommendations please contact us).

The first two sites are more general medical sites that deal with cancer, ovarian cancer, and cancer issues. The remaining sites are specific to Ovarian Cancer research, information, support and networks in both the UK and Australia.

Granulosa Cell Tumour Foundation (NZ)

The Granulosa Cell Tumour Foundation New Zealand was created to assist women in their fight against one of the rarest forms of ovarian cancer. They are currently raising funds for Dr Andrew Shelling to conduct research into all Ovarian Cancers.

People Living With Cancer (USA)

A comprehensive website for all cancers, with a full section on Ovarian Cancer including symptoms, diagnosis, illustrations (including staging), treatment and after treatment.

Mayo Clinic (USA)

Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit medical practice dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of virtually every type of complex illness.  The Mayo clinics provide clinic and hospital services in the USA. Their website is another comprehensive site, and is not limited to cancer but includes other medical issues. It addresses some important topics in the Cancer section, including but certainly not limited to Cancer Myths, cancer survival, sexuality after cancer and end of life issues.

Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (Australia)

Established to foster research into ovarian cancer - a disease which in Australia claims the life of one woman every 10 hours and often remains undetected until in its advanced stages.

Ovarian Cancer Australia - OVCA (Australia)

Aims to represent the needs of the ovarian cancer community, thereby improving the outlook for ovarian cancer patients through improved diagnosis, care and treatment.

Cancer Research UK

A comprehensive site with diagnosis, treatment, question and answer section and more.

Ovacome (UK)

A UK-wide support network providing information and support for everyone affected by ovarian cancer. This site is designed for women with ovarian cancer, their families, friends and carers, and health professionals. It includes real-life stories about how other people have coped with the disease and information about treatment, screening and research.

Ovarian Cancer Action (UK)

Ovarian cancer action is wholly dedicated to improving survival rates and creating a future free from the fear of ovarian cancer.  It does this by funding research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of ovarian cancer, raising awareness of symptoms, and by giving a voice to women with ovarian cancer, combating the view that this is a 'silent cancer'.

Venus Appeal (UK)

There are four main types of gynaecological cancer and the earlier a cancer is found, the easier it is to treat. The information on this website will help you to identify the common signs and symptoms associated with these cancers and give you further information on what to do, and who to see.  You will be able to read stories written by women who have experienced these types of cancer.  

Gift of Knowledge (NZ)

A website set up by Nicola Coom, a BRCA gene carrier, to help New Zealanders affected by inherited cancer risks by providing information and support about their treatment and choices.

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