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Throwing a High Tea Fundraiser is a great idea, a great way to enjoy a morning or afternoon of yummy nibbles, warm drinks and a chat!

It involves fine dining with delicious treats, engaging conversation over a pot of tea and maybe a glass of bubbly.  The ideal venue can be a residential home with garden space, at your place of work or a venue that is large enough and offers an atmosphere to complement the food and drink of the day.

Why a High Tea?

A high tea is a great fundraiser that can be relaxing and appealing to people of all ages.  There are no physical requirements or loud music and this allows for people of all ages to be included.  Traditionally an event that women are more likely to attend, but men are more than welcome.  It can also be easily held in conjunction with other fundraising ideas such as raffles and auctions.

When should you hold this fundraiser?

A High Tea can be held at anytime of the year.  Our main awareness months are; February - Ovarian Cancer Awareness and September - Gynaecological Cancer Awareness.  We would encourage hosting your event during February and/or September to help raise awareness.  If you are looking to hold it outdoors in a garden setting then the weather needs to be taken into account and perhaps have a back up plan organised.

Key Activities

These are the tasks you will need to consider assigning to others if needed: 

Before the Day

  • Decide a date for the High Tea
  • Promote the fundraiser
  • Organise the venue
  • Organise ticketing arrangements
  • Organise volunteers to help
  • Organise any food and beverages that will be for sale or provided in the ticket price
  • Organise any raffles or auctions that might run at the same time
  • Source tables, chairs and serving plates if your venue does not already supply these
  • Sell tickets

On the Day

  • Ensure the room or outdoor area, is set up and ready to go
  • Brief volunteers of their roles
  • Enjoy the event!
  • Take lots of photos

After the Day

  • Thank everyone involved
  • Announce the amount of money raised 

Who can help? 

It is important to get help organising a fundraiser.  For a High Teal you could ask people to help with:

  • Promoting and selling tickets
  • Baking yummy treats
  • Organising and running raffles and/or auctions
  • Just help setting up!


Education & Awareness Pack

New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation have an education and awareness pack for 6 people.  Each pack is made up of NZGCF information leaflets, wallet cards, TEAL ribbons, and a quiz 'How well do you know your body'.  

To order your pack please email us at info@nzgcf.org.nz

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